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Commodore 64 Dead Test & Diagnostic Cartridge Full Test Harness #791
€ 33.99
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Commodore 64 Dual Dead Test & Diagnostic Cartridge with Full Test Harness.


Cartridge can fit in a standard cart case. Includes the updated 586220+ diagnostic cartridge and the 781220 dead test cartridge. Change the jumper to select the cart image to use.


A full test harness is included to test:

- Keyboard port

- Serial Port

- User port

- Tape Port

- Joystick ports


The updated diagnostic 586220+ detects many different rom kernals including 3rd party ones such as JiffyDos.


Works on all Commodore 64 Models. Works on both NTSC and PAL computers.


Dead test can take up to 20 seconds to show a screen.


Please see our photo instruction to check out how exaclty it need to be connected.

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