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Lazarus Amiga 500 Edge Expansion CPU Relocator + 2x 44 PIN IDE #763
€ 40.99
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Lazarus A500 is an external expansion / CPU relocator that allows to plug any A500 accelerator compatible on the left edge connector of an Amiga 500.



- 68000 socket.

- Two ide ports. You can plug a cf adapter or your MLC drive or a CDROM (second port will work only with idefix)

- High quality edge connector. Vampire 500 SPI ports (V500+ V2 and V2.2) (requires a 3v3 ENC28J60 module).

- IDE passthrough only (it uses the current ide available on the accelerator for better compatibility).

- Designed in 4 layers.


Accelerators & cpu tested:

- 68010

- Vampire 500+ V2

- TF530


Motherboard tested:

- Amiga 500 rev6 (requires to solder the reset signal from the edge connector of the a500, there is a JP6 solder bridge, please see one of our photo).

- A500+ A

- 500 a1k



- Lazarus requires to remove the internal CPU from the A500.

- 44 PIN female to female ide bus cable required in order to connect the ide accelerator to the ide port onboard (not included).


It depends on which accelerator you have, some accelerators has the Ide connector near the Lazarus ide connector others don’t.


CPU, Amiga 500, TF536 Card from photos are not included.

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